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The4th Annual Banking Sector Development Forum in Libya

Tunis, 8-9 Nov 2022


The Sector Development Forums are preparing to organize the second edition of the Energy Sector Development Forum. It will focus on topics and discussions about energy integration in North-South Mediterranean.

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WeTalk is an event series launched and powered by Sectors Development Forums (SDF). At WeTalk, we aim to create a link between up and coming innovators, entrepreneurs, talents, and professionals to inspire and generate a cultural shift with talks and discussions of impactful experiences and ideas from Africa and Europe, so they can learn and develop their own ideas and experiences to keep advancing innovation.

The Forum is an independent and open dialogue on all related issues, held annually in partnership and sponsorship of a group of Libyan banks, as well as regional and international financial institutions, Each round aims to follow-up on the recommendations of the previous round and build on it to formulate the general program and objectives. More

This Forum is organized within the context of the Sectors Development Forums on the need for adopting the most up-to-date, sustainable and harmless solutions on people and environment. It aims to gather decision makers along with national and international experts and specialists to share ideas and visions on developing the currently used methods and to consolidate alternative solutions to support this pivotal sector in the present and the future of the country. More

The forum, which is held annually to create an environment that brings together the elite of the business community in the real estate sector with decision makers, experts and economic analysts, to discuss the latest real estate finance mechanisms adopted globally, which would encourage businessmen to invest and take the opportunities presented locally in Libya. More

I would like to thank the organizers of this forum for the importance of the raised topics, all that is related to banks, money and monetary policies, and the need to face the crisis in Libya”

Taher Jehaimi

previous minister of planning in Libya

I am very happy to be at this forum and this meeting, the sectors development forums have done a pioneering work under these difficult circumstances.

Ahmed Attiga

Cheif Executive Office of Arab Petroleum Investement Corp (APICORP)

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the organizers of this forum and to invite me to attend and participate with you, this is a great honor for me

Mohamed Arfaoui

Previous Minister of Equipment, Housing and Territorial development in Tunis

I commend the organizers for their tireless work and their exceptional efforts in order to hold this forum despite the difficulties Libya is going through.

Naaman Elbouri

Chairman of Assary Trade and Investment Bank

I was honored to attend the annual forum for the development of the banking sector. I thank the organizers of this forum, which contained wonderful topics that were addressed, as well as the wonderful level of attendance, financial experts, bankers, economists and businessmen.

Mohammed Shukri

Vice President of the Arab British Bank

I am honored to be present among my colleagues in the banking sector, and I was very pleased with the organization of this forum, and we hope that the second edition of this forum will be in Benghazi city, and under the invitation of the Commerce and Development Bank.

Jamal Abdulmalek

Chairman of Commerce and Development Bank

It is with great pleasure for me to be here in Tunisia, to be invited by the third annual banking sector development forum to discuss many of the issues of the banking community and particularly to focus this year on the challenges of fintech

Omar Fisher

Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Islamic Corp for Development