Energy Sector Development Forum powered by SDF

This Forum is organized within the context of the Sectors Development Forums on the need for adopting the most up-to-date, sustainable and harmless solutions on people and environment. It aims to gather decision makers along with national and international experts and specialists to share ideas and visions on developing the currently used methods and to consolidate alternative solutions to support this pivotal sector in the present and the future of the country.

The Forum is discussing the challenges in terms of oil and gas production, distribution and exportation, also in terms of electricity generation and distribution issues. In addition, the possibility of allowing the private sector to work on solving the issues that were not solved by the state, along with the legislations regulating this involvement and how to build on them to determine features in the future.

The forum raises the issue of investment in renewable energy in Libya for a more committed future that preserves the climate and environment, with greater economic feasibility in terms of lower production costs and sustainability of resources.

All that led by a group of well-known decision makers locally and regionally, experts, Businessman, specialists from regional and international bodies.

Our Team Includes

Rabie Shrair

Founder & GM

Gemma De Bernardi

Marketing & PR

Yasin Krewi

Projects Coordinator

Nesrin Shara

Logistic Corednator